Tan Show Chaps by Whitman

The measurement for this photo is 31″from yolk to bottom, 45″ (I’ve read this to be the outseam…for chaps)from zipper top to bottom, 30″

Click on gallery for more photos and measurements,

Tan Suede Show Chaps made by Whitman. Never worn. Great shape. Size X Small or Small.  I’m not really sure, take a look at the pics with measuring, I’m leaning towards small. Below is a list of measurements from Whitman, these are equitation chaps.


14 responses to “Tan Show Chaps by Whitman

  1. Please email more info. about chaps. Daughter is 16 & just starting to show. She wears a size 2 in jeans, would these chaps fit her? Would love more measurements and pictures.


  2. Are these still for sale or are they sold? And do you have any more measurements?

  3. Ok, so is the inseam 31″ or 30″? And the outseam with heel drop is how long? Sorry, it’s kinda hard to see from the pictures. If the inseam is 31″ I’ll be able to fit into them and I’ll buy them off of you.

    • I’ve had late classes, sorry. I will get a better measurement and let you know asap! (probably Thursday!)

      • Ok thanks :) ohh I understand those late classes

      • ok, I’ve added even more photos…I’ve been trying to find a good description of how to properly measure chaps, but either I find how to measure the person or conflicting ways. I’ve taken a few different measurements, though. Hopefully, one will make sense for you! If you click on the picture I described how I measured it.

  4. Oh, just a couple more measurements, from the top of the fringed side’s zipper to the bottom is just under 36,” the actual zipper itself measures 27″. Hopefully all this helps! I want to make sure it’s a good fit! It can be frustrating finding all the right sizes!

  5. Sweeeet, I think they will work :) I’ll show my mother and then I’ll probably be contacting you about purchasing them.

    • Great! Just let me know for sure. I have a paypal account and can send you an invoice through email, shipping will be $5.00 (assuming you live in the continental U.S.)

  6. Yes I live in New York. What’s the lowest you’ll go on the chaps? And the shipping is $5 even?

  7. Well, $75.00 is the lowest I can do, but I’ll do free shipping for you.

  8. Traci, where did you bay these Chaps? looking for Whitman Chaps but I can’t find them somewhere…..

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