About the Blog

I am a college student doing my best to pay for my own horses and my own showing. Heck, if I want to show, I don’t have a choice but to pay for it on my own. If you show horses, you know how expensive it can get. Some horse show exhibitors are lucky to be supported by enough wealth to keep them dripping in silver and Swarovski, atop the finest horses and in fulltime training with the top echelon of trainers. Others, like me, have spent a lifetime on decent horses, with decent clothes, and some lucky but sporadic help from a trainer. I’ve decided it would be fun to share my adventures in attempting to be a thrifty horseman. So, I will be attempting a number of DIY projects and deal scouting for both inside the show arena and around the barn and sharing whether or not the average amateur/college/poor horseman should attempt the challenge and save the cash or save up spend the cash.


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