Project 1: Showmanship Jacket

     O.K. I one of my favorite aspects of showing horses is getting to wear some colorful, sparkly clothes. I don’t like things too over-the-top but I do love looking at all the amazingly designed outfits that are found in the realms of  showmanship and Western Pleasure. I am throughly enjoying the trend of all day jackets. They are fairly simple in construct but unlimited in detail. I regularly spend hours looking  googly-eyed at show jackets made by Berry Fit, probably the leading designer and maker of custom show outfits. The outfits they make are truly spectacular and insanely expensive. Other show apparel designers like Lisa Nelle, and Carmel Designs design beautiful clothes as well and list many of their creations on eBay. They are fairly reasonably priced but to be honest, still more than I can afford.

       So, I’m left with a couple of options, I can save between $400-$1200 and get a really awesome jacket from one of these designers or one similar or I can spend hours searching eBay. eBay really is a good option. I have purchased almost every piece of show clothing I own that way and gotten many good deals. But eBay is frustrating, if you are outbid on your dream jacket in the last few seconds, can’t find your size, or if you’re just super picky and can’t quite find the colors or style your want.

           This leads me to the next option, a frightening but potentially awesome option…making your own show jacket. I’ve heard of a lot of people doing this and many of the leading makers of show clothes got their start as people who just needed to make they own clothes or clothes for their family. Well, I have a sewing machine. I’ve used it a few times. How hard can it be? I am about to find out.

         I have plenty of show shirts and have read many descriptions of what fabric show jackets are made of so my first task will be to find some fabric I’d like to make my jacket out of and an inspiration piece as well (most likely from the designers listed above). So, I have my mission for the weekend! Wish me luck!


One response to “Project 1: Showmanship Jacket

  1. sorry one more thing. i am selling my showmanship outfit that i use to use it is still in good shape and it is custom made so it the only one like it it has pants that go with it if you are interested let me know. i was asking 550 for it but i am willing to come down because i found a new one i like and want to get. i have measurements for it too. so let me know!

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