Finding Fabric

Well, my weekend excursion to the fabric store was disappointing. They had a only four or five fabrics that could be used, none of which interested me. Also they cost around $15.00/yd. In reading what most jackets are made of on eBay, I’ve learned I should be looking for a lycra stretch or poly lycra fabric. So, I have turned to eBay to find a fabric I like. I’m actually overwhelmed with the selection although you have to be careful because some listings are for limited amounts but overall it’s proving to be almost half the cost of buying it in a store. According to the pattern I will be using from Suitability, I will need around 2-2.5 yds of fabric. As soon as I purchase a fabric, pictures will be posted, along with the amount of time and money I’ve spent on the project. This should help you gage whether or not you want to attempt a project like this.


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