Waiting for Spring

We’ve had our first taste of Spring weather this past week, temps in the 40s! I’m getting rather excited to be outside and riding more! I’ve found a few fabrics I like quite a bit and one in particular. Unfortunately, I have a feeling I am going to be outbid on it. So, this weekend I plan to hit up a few more fabric stores to see what I can find. It’s been a busy week with midterms and papers so most horse things have had to wait. My mare is going to be heading to the trainer, Sunday. Now more than ever I am feeling like a broke college student, which has inspired me to share some of the ways I cut costs in order to save for training.

Probably the two things I spend the most money on besides my horses (of course) are food and going out with friends. I work on campus and go to class, so 5 days a week I’m on campus from 8:30 to about 5:00. This makes it very tempting to grab lunch one of the expensive places on campus. Buying a big salad and a tea costs around $8.00 times that by at least a few times a week and it adds up. I’m also a hot chocolate and coffee freak and IUPUI has a ridiculous number of good places to buy expensive coffees.  I won’t even start on how much it costs to go out on the weekends.

So what have I done to save this money? Let me start with lunches at work. I try to eat up in lab’s office which is equipped with a fridge and microwave, as much as possible. I save money on tea by buying a gallon of the grocery store brand tea and fill my own bottles. I can get a gallon of tea for about the same cost as one bottle of tea from the student center. I also have become a huge fan of bringing leftovers and soup! I’m able to buy the “to go” soups for under two dollars and I usually can eat only half. Yay for two meals for the price of one! I save money on coffee by drinking the work coffee (which is terrible, but free) or by getting Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in the campus center. It’s about half the price and absolutely delicious.

Going out is harder to save on but I’ve found ways. I’ll admit I’ve really cut back on going out and I’m much smarter about where I go. The best way to save is by checking out what places have drink specials and eating supper at home. Many bars have dollar beer nights, $2 pints, and my favorite $.50 beer night! My friends and I meet at someones house and carpool to save on parking, if we go down town. Beyond going out for drinks, going out to eat is very expensive but I love food. So, to save I’ve stopped going out and started cooking and trying new recipes! I’ll have a few people over we all pitch-in to buy ingredients and then we cook, drink, and enjoy. I have to say trying new things in the kitchen has been really fun (and yummy).

Well, I’m off to the barn. I hope everybody has a great weekend! If you have any little money saving tricks feel free to share!


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