Post Spring Break

My intentions to get a lot of things done during my spring break at home failed miserably. Between just relaxing around the house, sleeping, and St. Patty’s day, I got pretty much nothing accomplished. Both fabrics I ordered arrived safely in the mail and I couldn’t be more happy about the blue feathery fabric. It matches almost perfectly a pair of turquoise-blue chaps I got last year off eBay.

I did get to thinking about show pants again. Why are there no dyeable show pants? I know there are dyeable jeans but why not show pants? I think it would be great if a brand like Mesquite would make a white show pant that is easily dyeable.

It’s a rainy day here in Indy and I’ll be stuck inside most of it. I suppose that will give me ample time to do some internet deal scouting as well as come up with a list of things still yet to be purchased for the show jacket. And a chance for me to get a picture of my inspiration jacket posted.

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