Good Weekend

For some reason the weather is only nice when I am stuck inside for class or work. By the time the weekend comes around the weather has turned cold, rainy and windy. I’m ready for it to be much warmer and sunny! It’s been a good weekend despite the weather. I got to spend a couple days watching over the barn my horses are boarded at and  all the chicks and chickens the owners have. It was wonderful to wake up each morning and walk into the barn greeted by hungry nickers! It was even better to check on all the horses before I went to sleep. It’s a good feeling to get to say good night them. The farm fresh eggs were delicious and the icing on top of the cake…I got a bit of cash for it all. Money is hard to come by and since I’ve been trying to save everything I earn for training and summer shows, what’s left over not going into savings is pretty small. I could have put the extra money into savings but I chose to get some new jeans instead as mine were pretty well destroyed.
While at TSC getting my jeans (yes, I shop at TSC for clothes…I’m a Wrangler girl) I was very excited to see that chicks and bunnies are available for Spring. I plan on finding out if there are any ordinances against chickens in my neighborhood. If not, then I may just get a few!
Oh, by the way, my point for this post is if you get the chance to watch a friends farm or barn, take it! You’ll get to spend extra time with the animals and earn a little cash!


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