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Things I’ve Been Up To…

Clearly I have not been posting about my DIY show jacket, mainly because I haven’t gotten too far on it. I’ve cut out the pattern and fabric but still need to get my zipper and interfacing. I’ll get to it as soon as this semester is over. Beyond writing papers, which thankfully I am done with for now, I’ve been up to a variety of other things. I’ve spending time working on posters, ads, and programs! The experience I gained running a website and newsletter has allowed me to branch out into those sort of things. Below are a couple of things I’ve been working on this spring; the 60th Annual Clermont Rodeo poster and an ad for the 2010 Miss Indiana Pinto, Chelysie VanDever!


Trailer Troubles

While I sit through one of my last classes of the semester, I thought I’d share something I’m very excited about…trailer repairs! I can’t believe family’s horse trailer is 12 years old!!! It doesn’t look that old…or wait, maybe it does. Annoyed by the peeling fender guards, hanging trim lock, and a variety of other parts showing their age or just broken in general, I got to thinking about how much it would cost to get to a dealership and fix. Then in true thrifty fashion, I decided to start checking around to see what parts I could purchase to do the repairs myself. I found The Horse Trailer Accessory Store. They have almost everything to repair your trailer. The best part is that it’s way less expensive to purchase many parts from this store than through a dealership. My total for all the supplies I will need to fix up my trailer is under $50.00!!! As soon as I get everything repaired (and the trailer gets a good washing) I will post before and after pictures!

Crystal Conchos

Well, as promised I am posting again this week, this time for some tips on how to save money on making your tack look fancy! I’ve been seeing crystal conchos on tack for the last few years, even in the show arena. It’s one of those things you either love or hate. Being a fan of anything shiny or sparkly, I kinda like them. They are, however, pretty pricey to buy as just single conchos and already a part of the tack. At Equine Affaire, I noticed a booth that had hundreds of pre-made crystal conchos ranging in price and I got to thinking, “I wonder if there are less expensive ways to get these?”

So, I did some shopping around on the internet and found a wholesale place called They have pre-made crystal conchos and all the supplies you could  ever need to make your own, but to buy blank DIY conchos you have to buy in bulk. It doesn’t save too much to buy in bulk when you only need a few. The crystal ones from the site are less expensive on average about $5.00, but color combos are limited.

I did even more shopping around. You can cut your cost in half by making your own. Using Gem-Tac glue to adhere the crystals (I get mine from Jewelry Supply) and create whatever color and patterns crystal conchos you want. I’ve also found a concho place that you can buy in bulk or one concho at a time. Trigg Leather  has a huge variety of conchos and sizes perfect for DIY crystal conchos. The best part about changing just your conchos on your chaps, bridle, or saddle is that if or when they go out of style it’s simple to change them back to the original plain conchos. Oh! There are also a ton of beautiful and unique conchos out there, if you’re looking to spruce up your tack but don’t want to go for the sparkly look. One last tip; some conchos require an adapter to be added to a saddle, simply purchase the saddle screw adapter for conchos you plan to add to your saddle!

From the Horse Fair

I haven’t posted in a while. It’s been hectic with term papers and whatnot, but I have a lot to share! My last post concerned Equine Affaire Ohio. I spent all of Friday there. It was great! I was able to see and examine a lot of show jackets getting a good idea of  how they were made and whether or not I made a good fabric choice (I did!). For the most part I didn’t really run into too many great deals except the clipper guy. Instead of buying new sets of clipper blades, we’re getting six sharpened for the price it would be to buy one new set. Crystal tack is still pretty trendy but expensive. It’s lead me to do some research on how to get the look without the high cost. I’ll be posting that soon.

  I think the best new thing I saw at Equine Affaire was a product called HorseSweats. It’s a horse sheet made out sweatshirt material. What a great idea! They sell for $89.00 and can be found at They can also be customized with your name and logo. I love it! I plan on getting all three of the horses one as soon as I can.

I will be trying to play catch-up with posts this week, so check back often as I plan to post a boat load of things

Equine Affaire Ohio

Chap Inserts are a great way to give you some extra leg room without permanent alterations.

Tomorrow, I will be off to Equine Affaire. Although I really don’t have any money to spend, I plan to take a list of things I need, see if there’s any good deals, and check out products I’ve only ever seen online. I’m hoping to take plenty of pictures and get some good ideas. I’m also going to be looking for chap inserts! you can buy them here for a pretty decent price but I’m wondering if there will be anything similar at horse fair. I’ve recently tried on all my show clothes for the season and my chaps are pretty tight. Since they are way too expensive to replace, I think I will give the chap inserts a try. They cost around $50.00 but all you will need is one pair, as they are not a permanent fix; they can be switched between all your pairs of chaps. Oh! One other great feature is you can buy them in a variety of colors.

Princess Seams

After looking at many different show jackets and shirts, I’ve come to the conclusion “princess seams” are a must for a better fit and more professional look to a show out fit. If you don’t know, the are seams that run from just under your bust to the hem of shirt. The help make your waist look trimmer (something I definitely need). I’ve been doing some internet searching and found a great step-by-step guide to adding princess seams to a pre-made shirt. It can be found here: Use-Princess-Seams-to-Take-in-Your-Clothing. It also lists all the supplies you’ll need. I think it could be a great way to make a show shirt look more custom. If you’re terrified of sewing you could probably find a local tailor to add the seams for you. I’m not sure how expensive it would be but it’s worth checking out!

I hope everybody is out enjoying the sunshine!