Equine Affaire Ohio

Chap Inserts are a great way to give you some extra leg room without permanent alterations.

Tomorrow, I will be off to Equine Affaire. Although I really don’t have any money to spend, I plan to take a list of things I need, see if there’s any good deals, and check out products I’ve only ever seen online. I’m hoping to take plenty of pictures and get some good ideas. I’m also going to be looking for chap inserts! you can buy them here for a pretty decent price but I’m wondering if there will be anything similar at horse fair. I’ve recently tried on all my show clothes for the season and my chaps are pretty tight. Since they are way too expensive to replace, I think I will give the chap inserts a try. They cost around $50.00 but all you will need is one pair, as they are not a permanent fix; they can be switched between all your pairs of chaps. Oh! One other great feature is you can buy them in a variety of colors.


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