From the Horse Fair

I haven’t posted in a while. It’s been hectic with term papers and whatnot, but I have a lot to share! My last post concerned Equine Affaire Ohio. I spent all of Friday there. It was great! I was able to see and examine a lot of show jackets getting a good idea of  how they were made and whether or not I made a good fabric choice (I did!). For the most part I didn’t really run into too many great deals except the clipper guy. Instead of buying new sets of clipper blades, we’re getting six sharpened for the price it would be to buy one new set. Crystal tack is still pretty trendy but expensive. It’s lead me to do some research on how to get the look without the high cost. I’ll be posting that soon.

  I think the best new thing I saw at Equine Affaire was a product called HorseSweats. It’s a horse sheet made out sweatshirt material. What a great idea! They sell for $89.00 and can be found at They can also be customized with your name and logo. I love it! I plan on getting all three of the horses one as soon as I can.

I will be trying to play catch-up with posts this week, so check back often as I plan to post a boat load of things


3 responses to “From the Horse Fair

  1. clotheshorseok

    These are so cool! Do you think they will stay put without a belly strap?

    • I’ve wondered the same, I suppose if they fit well enough you wouldn’t need one. Even if they did need a belly strap, I think it would be easy to add one.

  2. Hi Tracy~ I only Just Now saw this wonderful mention in your Blog !!! TKS!
    About the belly strap … the HorseSweats do hold to the body really well and they make a really good liner next to the body. ..

    I do sell a nice belly strap to use with them to make sure they’ll stay put under a stable blanket or turnout if customers are concerned about that.

    If anyone’s interested they can just email me or call at 888-372-8919!
    Thanks for your interest and look forward to seeing you at the next Affaire!

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