Crystal Conchos

Well, as promised I am posting again this week, this time for some tips on how to save money on making your tack look fancy! I’ve been seeing crystal conchos on tack for the last few years, even in the show arena. It’s one of those things you either love or hate. Being a fan of anything shiny or sparkly, I kinda like them. They are, however, pretty pricey to buy as just single conchos and already a part of the tack. At Equine Affaire, I noticed a booth that had hundreds of pre-made crystal conchos ranging in price and I got to thinking, “I wonder if there are less expensive ways to get these?”

So, I did some shopping around on the internet and found a wholesale place called They have pre-made crystal conchos and all the supplies you could  ever need to make your own, but to buy blank DIY conchos you have to buy in bulk. It doesn’t save too much to buy in bulk when you only need a few. The crystal ones from the site are less expensive on average about $5.00, but color combos are limited.

I did even more shopping around. You can cut your cost in half by making your own. Using Gem-Tac glue to adhere the crystals (I get mine from Jewelry Supply) and create whatever color and patterns crystal conchos you want. I’ve also found a concho place that you can buy in bulk or one concho at a time. Trigg Leather  has a huge variety of conchos and sizes perfect for DIY crystal conchos. The best part about changing just your conchos on your chaps, bridle, or saddle is that if or when they go out of style it’s simple to change them back to the original plain conchos. Oh! There are also a ton of beautiful and unique conchos out there, if you’re looking to spruce up your tack but don’t want to go for the sparkly look. One last tip; some conchos require an adapter to be added to a saddle, simply purchase the saddle screw adapter for conchos you plan to add to your saddle!


18 responses to “Crystal Conchos

  1. Beverly Johnson

    i would like to find the blanks conchos like the jeweled one on your page i want to make boot straps and cannot find the berry blanks or the leather strapes i thought you may be able to help me, we have a retail shop so i have a wholesale id . thanks for your time……….Beverly Johnson

  2. The best place I’ve found to order individual or wholesale blanks is from Trigg Leather, Here is the link to their page with traditional and berry conchos;

    As far as the leather straps for spurs I suggest trying Tandy Leather. They have a huge selection of leather and buckles. Trigg Leather also sells leather and buckles as well. If you don’t want to build the spurs straps from scratch, you can usually find plain spur straps reasonably at places like Valley Vet, Chicks and other discount tack places.

    I hope this helps!
    The College Horseman

  3. Do you use the flatback rhinestones and glue them to the concho?

  4. Have you ever used the crystal rivets. I’m going to do the concho thing then I have one headstall I just want simple crystals.

    • I’ve never used the rivets, glue and flatbacks always just seemed easier, plus it worked well for me. If you decided to use the rivets, let me know how it goes!

  5. what size of flatbacks do you use for the different sizes of conchos?

    • I use size ss16 or ss20 for pretty much all sizes of conchos. They are the most verstile and easy to work with. Plus they have a lot of sparkle in the ring!

  6. Thanks, Yea i’m fixin to buy my rhinestones. Do you just use tweezers?

    • yeah, eyebrow ones work well because they have that flat edge plus I had some in the house! I also use a really fine tipped paint brush to dab the glue on to the spot where I want to put the crystal. It keeps things from getting to messy.

  7. oh ok Thanks so much.

  8. Do you buy tack to put it on? Do you know where to get blank tack that is inexpensive?

    • I’ve just used tack I already own, but you can buy plain tack at most of the big stores, rods, schneiders…ect. Most likely they will list plain breast collars and headstalls as work tack. Plain saddles can be found too but usually you have to do some looking or you can just replace existing conchos/silver with your new customized stuff.

  9. OK thanks. Well I did my first 3/4 concho with acrylic rhinestones just to see how it came out. It looks alright. I used 20ss crystals so not that many fit.

  10. Do you use swarvorski or acrylic

  11. You might have to mix smaller sizes in on the smaller conchos. I use swarvorski.

  12. Ok thanks. I just got my crystals and just glued them on a headstall that i had. The rivets were too short for the thickness of my headstall. Thanks so much for the info.

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