Thankfully, I am done with school for the semester and finished my last final on Wednesday! After spending yesterday doing pretty much nothing, I’m reading to start tackling all the projects I planned while I wasn’t paying attention in class. Since I haven’t gotten the extra supplies needed for my jacket because I’ve been saving up for vacation (woohoo!), I started improving the clothes I already have. Show shirts with big collars and cuffs have been popular for a while now and I have a bunch but I’m beginning to dislike the sewn in cuffs. I just prefer no cuffs! So, with my seam ripper I have carefully removed the cuffs on three of my shirts. The sleeves are long enough that I can just sew a simple hem on them and have a totally refreshed look! The cuffs are still in perfect condition so if I ever choose to, I can just add them back on with velcro!

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