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Clermont Rodeo

I thought I’d share a little more of what I’ve been working on lately. Not only have I made the posters for the Annual Clermont Rodeo for the past few years, I’ve also done the program. This weekend is the rodeo’s 60th year! That’s pretty impressive. Anyway…below is a pdf of this year’s program. Check it out and enjoy seeing it in color as it’s printed in black and white. Also, if you’re in the Clermont, Indiana area stop by. The rodeo is Friday (18th) and Saturday (19th) at the Clermont Lion’s Club Park. It starts at 8:00pm both nights!

2010 Clermont Rodeo Program


My Favorite Sites

Ok, I’ve finally taken the time to add some links! There are number of horse sights that I frequent often to buy horse things, sewing supplies, repairs, and just because I like them. Well, I’ve added the top sites I use to my links section! Check it out! There are probably a number of sites you are already familiar with and maybe a couple you’ve never been to. I plan on adding more as I visit them.

Putting my favorite websites up got me thinking about a particular website I love but haven’t added yet, Amazon. It doesn’t always have a ton of horse things or the maybe the best selection of a particular item, but it has it’s purpose. I’ve been able to find a great deal on a new set of clippers as well as a few other horse-y items. While, I haven’t yet purchased the clippers yet, they’ve been added to my ‘wish list’. Amazon not only offers a wish list for items offered on their website but a new feature which allows you to create a wish list with items from other external websites. It’s a great feature that can help you remember where you saw that great deal or item you want but might have to save for. Making a list of what you need or want along with how much it costs is great way to keep track of what you need to save! I personally have a huge list of horse things to get and it’s alway satisfying to save up for one item at a time and check it off the list!

Summer Happenings

Show season is in full swing now! I’ve been taking whatever chance I can to watch the Pinto World Show online through their webcast. I still haven’t made it to a show yet this year for various reasons, namely money. It was a tough decision but I’ve made the choice to skip all breed shows (for the moment) this year in hope of saving some money. I think it’s a wise choice, especially if I plan on showing the big shows next year. Showing just the local, open shows will save money and give me a chance to get my mare show experience. Money seems to be getting harder and harder to come by right now which is putting me in search of a second part-time job and may be the attempt at doing some free-lance ad creations for horse-y people!

With all that said, I have finally got some interfacing for my jacket and now only need a zipper before I can start sewing everything together…which is quite a frightening thought!

I hope everybody out there is having a great show season so far!

Clipper Blades!

We’ve all been there, battling dull clipper blades. Locally, places that sharpen and repair clipper blades are nonexistent. The last few years without a place to sharpen blades, I’ve been forced to just keep on buying new ones. Thankfully, at the Equine Affaire Ohio we met the nice folks at The Edge Pro of Ankey, Iowa. You can ship them your blades and they will sharpen, repair and send them back to you at a very reasonable price. It cost me less to sharpen 4 sets (both 40 blades and 10 blades) than it would to by just one! I recommend sending out your blades at the end of the show year or a few months before so you aren’t caught a week before a show with dull blades!