My Favorite Sites

Ok, I’ve finally taken the time to add some links! There are number of horse sights that I frequent often to buy horse things, sewing supplies, repairs, and just because I like them. Well, I’ve added the top sites I use to my links section! Check it out! There are probably a number of sites you are already familiar with and maybe a couple you’ve never been to. I plan on adding more as I visit them.

Putting my favorite websites up got me thinking about a particular website I love but haven’t added yet, Amazon. It doesn’t always have a ton of horse things or the maybe the best selection of a particular item, but it has it’s purpose. I’ve been able to find a great deal on a new set of clippers as well as a few other horse-y items. While, I haven’t yet purchased the clippers yet, they’ve been added to my ‘wish list’. Amazon not only offers a wish list for items offered on their website but a new feature which allows you to create a wish list with items from other external websites. It’s a great feature that can help you remember where you saw that great deal or item you want but might have to save for. Making a list of what you need or want along with how much it costs is great way to keep track of what you need to save! I personally have a huge list of horse things to get and it’s alway satisfying to save up for one item at a time and check it off the list!


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