Monthly Archives: July 2010

Show Shirts at Target?

Last night, I went to Target in search of a new shower curtain, which I got for $7 .00 less than my old one (yay!). Not only did a get a good deal on a shower curtain but I found a couple of show shirts to boot! Mossimo brand clothing has out a line of western shirts for Target which, I guess, are intended to be some kind of late summer trend. I am perfectly happy with that because I was able to purchase two of these shirts for &17.99. While I won’t probably be wearing them out on the town much they will work great for those hot, summer open shows. That’s one great thing about open shows, they are less expensive to show and usually a bit more casual in attire. It’s perfectly  acceptable to show all day in a neat button down shirt, a clean pair of jeans (I suggest a mid-rise pair that stay long while you ride, for a more put together look), some boots, and a well-shaped hat.

Don’t be scared to wear this outfit at a breed show either, so long as you have chaps for the riding classes. A clean, starched and iron button down and proper jeans will always look better than poorly made and ill-fitted “show clothes.”


Open Show

This past weekend, I finally got to show my mare! We went to the open show in our town which was pretty large and competitive. Since Tango had never been to this arena or to too many shows where she’s been exposed to a lot of noise and horse traffic, I was interested to see how she’d handle everything. She did great! I tried to make it a very relaxed show which meant I left her mane long (still banded it though!) and just put on a nice pair of jeans with a button down and my boots, tan hat, and belt. It was a nice break from the breed shows and way less expensive. I’d say it was the perfect way to enjoy my horse, get her some experience and finally get to show a little!

It’s Hot Out There!

As I sit in the freezing office of the lab tediously waiting for tissue to process, I’m wondering if it feels as hot as it looks outside. The temp on my computer says 91, but I bet it feels worse! I’m planning to get my mare out to the local open show this Saturday and I hope it’s not going to be so hot. Horse showing is great but having to wear long sleeves and chaps is miserable in the heat. There is always the battle to stay cool and look cool at Summer shows. Melting makeup is an annoying problem while trying to look your best. I recently read an article by Brittany Bevis, a blogger for Equine Chronicle, called For Ladies Only: A How-To Guide For Finding the Best Horse Show Makeup. It has some great ideas of how to beat makeup meltdowns. The only fault I could find was the makeup choices were on the pricey side. When it’s really hot I keep show makeup simple because honestly, when it comes down to it, a judge isn’t going to place you last because you don’t have a ton of makeup on (and it beats trotting up to a judge for showmanship with racoon eyes!)