Show Shirts at Target?

Last night, I went to Target in search of a new shower curtain, which I got for $7 .00 less than my old one (yay!). Not only did a get a good deal on a shower curtain but I found a couple of show shirts to boot! Mossimo brand clothing has out a line of western shirts for Target which, I guess, are intended to be some kind of late summer trend. I am perfectly happy with that because I was able to purchase two of these shirts for &17.99. While I won’t probably be wearing them out on the town much they will work great for those hot, summer open shows. That’s one great thing about open shows, they are less expensive to show and usually a bit more casual in attire. It’s perfectly  acceptable to show all day in a neat button down shirt, a clean pair of jeans (I suggest a mid-rise pair that stay long while you ride, for a more put together look), some boots, and a well-shaped hat.

Don’t be scared to wear this outfit at a breed show either, so long as you have chaps for the riding classes. A clean, starched and iron button down and proper jeans will always look better than poorly made and ill-fitted “show clothes.”


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