Monthly Archives: August 2010

It Begins…

I have no idea where summer went. Wasn’t I supposed to be making, not making, be done with, a show jacket by now? I will admit finding the time and motivation to make my own show clothing  has been very difficult. I feel as though instructions are so simple yet the task is so hard! I am beginning to give up the dream, but I will be sure to finish this sample jacket sometime this year. Who knows maybe it will turn out OK. But my spare time has been gobbled up even more by the fall semester beginning. Today is the first day of classes and I swear it was just yesterday I was cheering the beginning of a horse show filled summer.

Unfortunately, my summer has been filled with paying off bills and planning for the next few years. I suppose, I’ve accomplished a few good things but alas I am still far from being able to afford a summer filled with many breed shows and perhaps a world show. I’d like to announce the opening of the “Please Send Traci to World” fund. Wouldn’t that be nice? But as summer ends and fall takes hold, I believe, while I am not slaving away writing papers and working, I will be concentrating on reaching more goals with my horses, so that when I can afford bigger, better shows we will be ready. I think I will set my “study time” around football games. That way I can “study” while enjoying a nice cold brew and cheering on my team. (OK…so everybody knows I don’t actually ever study but we can pretend right?)

I hope everybody has a great start to the semester and I will try to get some new projects and ideas up here soon!

Chap Zippers

Because all of my chaps are on the tight side this year, I decided to invest in a pair of chap inserts rather than buy new chaps or have mine altered. This plan was going to give me a cheap fix to make all my chaps fit…except one pair. I have a pair of really lovely turquoise chaps made of ultrasuede but the zipper is plastic. The chap, zipper standard is a YKK #10 brass zipper. I decided I would just put new zippers on myself. This proved to be a more difficult task than I expected. Between shortening a set of zippers I already had hanging out in a box of scraps and sewing them in straight and correctly, I became a master of ripping seams. It was difficult, my workmanship is a little off, and it took forever but I saved some money. It was worth it to me!

How I’m Saving Money and Other Random Thoughts

I have decided to take an online english course through Ivy Tech. The credits transfer directly to my ‘home’ school IUPUI. It’s saving me around $400! Woo! and YAY! Taking online courses that transfer is a great way to save some money not to mention…I’ll be able to work a couple more hours. I will say one thing though; I have not enjoyed trying to figure out the Ivy Tech website. It’s been rather confusing.

On to better and more random things. For some reason, yesterday, I got to wondering how I’m going to get our winter blankets clean. Not only are the super dirty from winter but they just been hanging out all summer collecting more dirt. Occasionally, you can sneak them into a laundromat and wash them but often you’re not welcomed back. Some places even know to stop you before you get to the washer. So, I started looking around the internet and there are a number of people who you can ship  your blankets to and they’ll wash them. It’s not too expensive around $25 on average but can you imagine the shipping charges on big, heavy winter blankets? Is it worth it? I guess that’s something I’m going to have to look into. I also spent a couple of hours looking up the best washers to was blankets in. I found this:

No, It does not come in the form of a jump, but the laundry company Miele created a series of washers and dryers designed and intended for cleaning horse blankets and other stable laundry. They are insanely expensive but I was intrigued. I started searching eBay and Craigslist to find a used one perhaps. No Luck. So, I started looking for other used “heavy-duty,”  “high-capacity” washers. I did find a decent one for around $40 on Craigslist. It’s an oldie but a goody. Perhaps I could get it,  set it up in the garage, and do all my horse laundry at home! Hmmm…it is a very random thought.

Word of Mouth

For the last year or so I’ve been wanting to get Milo’s back adjusted, but just haven’t had the money, time, or been able to contact a good chiropractor. Fortunately, both my mom and I spend a lot of time helping the 4-H club and know a lot of horsey people around the area. One such horsey acquaintance heard I was looking for a somebody to do Milo’s back and gave me a number. The number was for Mary Ann Watts at Horses to Hounds. I called; we chatted and made an appointment for yesterday. It was a great experience! Milo loved getting adjusted and a massage and I really enjoyed meeting another horse-person from the area.  She did a wonderful job and cost less than half of what others would have charged. It was great to get to use a local person and I made a valuable contact as well! I heard of Mary Ann through word of mouth and lucky for me she said she would help spread the word that I love helping people buy and sell horses! It’s kinda funny in a world so dependent on technology and flashy advertising that building a connection with people on a personal level is still such an important way to reach goals!