Word of Mouth

For the last year or so I’ve been wanting to get Milo’s back adjusted, but just haven’t had the money, time, or been able to contact a good chiropractor. Fortunately, both my mom and I spend a lot of time helping the 4-H club and know a lot of horsey people around the area. One such horsey acquaintance heard I was looking for a somebody to do Milo’s back and gave me a number. The number was for Mary Ann Watts at Horses to Hounds. I called; we chatted and made an appointment for yesterday. It was a great experience! Milo loved getting adjusted and a massage and I really enjoyed meeting another horse-person from the area.  She did a wonderful job and cost less than half of what others would have charged. It was great to get to use a local person and I made a valuable contact as well! I heard of Mary Ann through word of mouth and lucky for me she said she would help spread the word that I love helping people buy and sell horses! It’s kinda funny in a world so dependent on technology and flashy advertising that building a connection with people on a personal level is still such an important way to reach goals!

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