How I’m Saving Money and Other Random Thoughts

I have decided to take an online english course through Ivy Tech. The credits transfer directly to my ‘home’ school IUPUI. It’s saving me around $400! Woo! and YAY! Taking online courses that transfer is a great way to save some money not to mention…I’ll be able to work a couple more hours. I will say one thing though; I have not enjoyed trying to figure out the Ivy Tech website. It’s been rather confusing.

On to better and more random things. For some reason, yesterday, I got to wondering how I’m going to get our winter blankets clean. Not only are the super dirty from winter but they just been hanging out all summer collecting more dirt. Occasionally, you can sneak them into a laundromat and wash them but often you’re not welcomed back. Some places even know to stop you before you get to the washer. So, I started looking around the internet and there are a number of people who you can ship  your blankets to and they’ll wash them. It’s not too expensive around $25 on average but can you imagine the shipping charges on big, heavy winter blankets? Is it worth it? I guess that’s something I’m going to have to look into. I also spent a couple of hours looking up the best washers to was blankets in. I found this:

No, It does not come in the form of a jump, but the laundry company Miele created a series of washers and dryers designed and intended for cleaning horse blankets and other stable laundry. They are insanely expensive but I was intrigued. I started searching eBay and Craigslist to find a used one perhaps. No Luck. So, I started looking for other used “heavy-duty,”  “high-capacity” washers. I did find a decent one for around $40 on Craigslist. It’s an oldie but a goody. Perhaps I could get it,  set it up in the garage, and do all my horse laundry at home! Hmmm…it is a very random thought.

One response to “How I’m Saving Money and Other Random Thoughts

  1. I recently bought a Maytag ringer/washer (like 1940’s era, maybe) off Craigslist’s antiques section. I have found it to be the best for horse blankets, girths, slinkies, bell boots, etc. You fill it up with a garden hose, and plug it in. The agitator doesn’t spin fast enough to get your blankets all tangled, and it doesn’t have a spin cycle like new models, so your blankets aren’t smeared against the side of the washer. Might be something to look into. 🙂

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