Chap Zippers

Because all of my chaps are on the tight side this year, I decided to invest in a pair of chap inserts rather than buy new chaps or have mine altered. This plan was going to give me a cheap fix to make all my chaps fit…except one pair. I have a pair of really lovely turquoise chaps made of ultrasuede but the zipper is plastic. The chap, zipper standard is a YKK #10 brass zipper. I decided I would just put new zippers on myself. This proved to be a more difficult task than I expected. Between shortening a set of zippers I already had hanging out in a box of scraps and sewing them in straight and correctly, I became a master of ripping seams. It was difficult, my workmanship is a little off, and it took forever but I saved some money. It was worth it to me!


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