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Cheap Essentials

I love each and every one of my many pairs of $60.00 jeans; too bad they don’t fit anymore. As I have all but given up on trying to squeeze back into them, I’ve decided I better start looking for some deals. I, like every girl on the planet, can never find jeans that fit right…unless they’re pricey. The least expensive, and fairly durable jeans I’ve found for riding and everyday are Wrangle 20x (Jackson), but they don’t really work well for showing. I’m a big fan of mid-rise jeans for the show ring, they just look better and shirts stay tucked in better too! The problem: finding mid-rise jeans that look nice, hold up, and aren’t sixty bucks. I’ve found I really love the Wrangler Q-Baby and, especially, Wrangler Cash jeans. They fit all the requirements but price. The solution: eBay and discount stores. Many manufacturers sell ‘irregulars’ at a discount price to other sellers. Most of the time what makes a pair of jeans or boots, for that matter, are a snag or small imperfections that are hardly noticeable. They can be on occasion tricky to find but normally prices are cut by at least 25% or more. A number of my boots, including my all time favorite ones were purchased at horse expos marked irregular. Good looking jeans and boots are expensive but necessary. If you’re willing to wait a bit or do some searching buying irregulars can be a less expensive way to get the look!

I’ve also just found this website, Denim Express…looks like it has some good deals. I haven’t tried it out yet, though…the reviews seem a bit mixed.

Working on Stuff?

So, I thought about it. I didn’t post any prices on my blog for what I’m selling…in case anybody reading this wants to buy! I guess I will have to do that soon and perhaps add a FOR SALE page to my blog. I will admit listing my items hasn’t been very successful so far. I’ve been using just free sites such as Facebook Marketplace and I’ve also been working on expanding to include some other things outside horse stuff. This blog is supposed to be about the adventure of a broke college student…and my adventures extend beyond trying to pay board! On my page, Random Things!, I have started and will continue to add my sidetrack adventures and findings, mostly about beautiful horse stuff that is too expensive and other neat things I’ve been finding (mostly related to alcohol…just guessing).

Beyond that I am going to attempt working on my show jacket/shirt that I started at the beginning of the year. I’m determined to finish it in some fashion!

Balancing Act

Last night was great. Todd, my boyfriend, sent me a text asking me if I was sure I wasn’t going the barn last night. I replied that I was almost positive and asked why he wanted to know. He texted back, ” I wanted to go out there and drink while you ride hahaha. I like that.” It’s the little things that count. I ‘m always worried I’ll bring somebody to the barn and they’ll beyond bored while I  ride my horses and  almost completely ignore them (I can’t focus on anything else once I start riding!) When I read the text I laughed and decided, you know what? I haven’t been great about riding as much as used to and I keep telling Todd to yell at me when I don’t go to ride. I’m going to have non-bored company and it’s a beautiful day, why wouldn’t I go?

In honor of Todd...

So, Todd came and picked me up (he had to as there is no fuel in the truck and I can’t afford to get any) and we headed out to the barn. He drank PBR. I rode. It was wonderful. He encouraged me that Tango isn’t so bad and I should keep working on her. Then a miracle happened. Tango and I had the best ride we’ve had in about a month. Maybe I should be buying six-packs of PBR and enticing Todd to spend more time with me at the barn; he brought me good luck!

Or maybe since I’ve made it a mission to ride every night this week despite being exhausted from being at work and school all day, I’ve finally started to win the war with getting consistency out of my rides? Either way, I think I’ll keep riding more and bringing Todd with me. It’s nice to have a guy who wants to spend time, even if it’s just hanging out,with me while I ride. It makes my life easier and happier. It’s a bit of a balancing act working 30-35 hours a week, going to school, riding horses…and finding time for a boyfriend and friends.  Sometimes it’s exhausting, frustrating, and makes me go insane but it’s totally worth it.

Yes, this was a bit of a mushy  post (this will happen rarely)but it’s been a rough couple of weeks and sometimes it doesn’t hurt to be thankful for the little things!

Just Something Random

I spend a lot of time looking at things for sale online, especially saddles. I love saddles. I need a new saddle. I need a show saddle. While I love super shiny, sparkly, saddles with silver, sometimes I have a deep appreciation for simple saddles with nice tooling, a good shape, and of course, buck-stitching. I love buck-stitching. Anyway…I’ve noticed a saddle on that I’ve grown to really like! It’s not fancy but nice and it has a few buck-stitched details which I love! Check it out…buy it for me (please). Did I mention the price is really good as well?


My blog hit over 1,000 views the other day! It made me very happy there’s at least a few people willing to take a look at what I have to say! Hopefully, the number will continue to grow and I will continue to have more to say! Thank You!

Finding Ways to Make a Little Cash

Well, as my blog title says I am often broke and today it’s true. I’ve recently paid off my credit card and computer (yay me!) leaving me with my only monthly bill of board…which still takes almost all of my paycheck. I’m really feeling the pinch right now,  knowing I will be paying for school next semester and it would be nice to have a bit of a social life. So, I’ve come to the conclusion I need to find a few ways to make some extra cash…maybe I can give you some ideas too. Here’s a list of what I’ve been doing to make a little beyond trying to save a little:

  • added a page to my blog offering up my skills and know-how in creating ads
  • started sorting through closets finding old tack, old show clothes, nice jeans that are too small, and awesome boots I just don’t wear…all being organized to be sold!
  • spent countless hours looking up isbn numbers on a few scattered textbooks which will earn me some Amazon credit
  • working a ton of hours (haha kinda obvious, right?)

Any way…below are a couple of pictures of things I’m considering selling…there will be more too, like my tailored sportsman hunt coat 😦  (oh and two of my favorite pictures from Labor Day weekend)

A Quick Post for Labor Day!

I have a post that I’ve been working on…it’s saved as a draft waiting for just one more thing; pictures I’ve been forgetting to take! I promise I’ll get them this weekend and post them next week.

Labor Day weekend is a big weekend for so many reasons. Many people will be packing up heading to futurities, state fairs, and other last of the summer big shows but not me. This isn’t because I don’t want to be at a show or that I don’t love it; I just already have major plans! For the last (could it be 5!?) how many years I’ve been making a real vacation of the weekend and spending it at the NHRA U.S. Nationals in Clermont, Indiana. This year is no exception! It’s probably one the best weekends of the year for me, but let’s face it, not for my liver. Anyway, I hope everybody has a great Labor Day Weekend! Good Luck at the shows or relaxing! Next week I’ll post what I have with the proper pictures and maybe a few from the weekend!

A couple little pics from years past…for your enjoyment. Oh and there are actually cars involved at Nationals, but those pics aren’t as exciting.