Balancing Act

Last night was great. Todd, my boyfriend, sent me a text asking me if I was sure I wasn’t going the barn last night. I replied that I was almost positive and asked why he wanted to know. He texted back, ” I wanted to go out there and drink while you ride hahaha. I like that.” It’s the little things that count. I ‘m always worried I’ll bring somebody to the barn and they’ll beyond bored while I  ride my horses and  almost completely ignore them (I can’t focus on anything else once I start riding!) When I read the text I laughed and decided, you know what? I haven’t been great about riding as much as used to and I keep telling Todd to yell at me when I don’t go to ride. I’m going to have non-bored company and it’s a beautiful day, why wouldn’t I go?

In honor of Todd...

So, Todd came and picked me up (he had to as there is no fuel in the truck and I can’t afford to get any) and we headed out to the barn. He drank PBR. I rode. It was wonderful. He encouraged me that Tango isn’t so bad and I should keep working on her. Then a miracle happened. Tango and I had the best ride we’ve had in about a month. Maybe I should be buying six-packs of PBR and enticing Todd to spend more time with me at the barn; he brought me good luck!

Or maybe since I’ve made it a mission to ride every night this week despite being exhausted from being at work and school all day, I’ve finally started to win the war with getting consistency out of my rides? Either way, I think I’ll keep riding more and bringing Todd with me. It’s nice to have a guy who wants to spend time, even if it’s just hanging out,with me while I ride. It makes my life easier and happier. It’s a bit of a balancing act working 30-35 hours a week, going to school, riding horses…and finding time for a boyfriend and friends.  Sometimes it’s exhausting, frustrating, and makes me go insane but it’s totally worth it.

Yes, this was a bit of a mushy  post (this will happen rarely)but it’s been a rough couple of weeks and sometimes it doesn’t hurt to be thankful for the little things!


One response to “Balancing Act

  1. This makes me very happy for you. And I am jealous! 🙂

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