Working on Stuff?

So, I thought about it. I didn’t post any prices on my blog for what I’m selling…in case anybody reading this wants to buy! I guess I will have to do that soon and perhaps add a FOR SALE page to my blog. I will admit listing my items hasn’t been very successful so far. I’ve been using just free sites such as Facebook Marketplace and I’ve also been working on expanding to include some other things outside horse stuff. This blog is supposed to be about the adventure of a broke college student…and my adventures extend beyond trying to pay board! On my page, Random Things!, I have started and will continue to add my sidetrack adventures and findings, mostly about beautiful horse stuff that is too expensive and other neat things I’ve been finding (mostly related to alcohol…just guessing).

Beyond that I am going to attempt working on my show jacket/shirt that I started at the beginning of the year. I’m determined to finish it in some fashion!


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