Cheap Essentials

I love each and every one of my many pairs of $60.00 jeans; too bad they don’t fit anymore. As I have all but given up on trying to squeeze back into them, I’ve decided I better start looking for some deals. I, like every girl on the planet, can never find jeans that fit right…unless they’re pricey. The least expensive, and fairly durable jeans I’ve found for riding and everyday are Wrangle 20x (Jackson), but they don’t really work well for showing. I’m a big fan of mid-rise jeans for the show ring, they just look better and shirts stay tucked in better too! The problem: finding mid-rise jeans that look nice, hold up, and aren’t sixty bucks. I’ve found I really love the Wrangler Q-Baby and, especially, Wrangler Cash jeans. They fit all the requirements but price. The solution: eBay and discount stores. Many manufacturers sell ‘irregulars’ at a discount price to other sellers. Most of the time what makes a pair of jeans or boots, for that matter, are a snag or small imperfections that are hardly noticeable. They can be on occasion tricky to find but normally prices are cut by at least 25% or more. A number of my boots, including my all time favorite ones were purchased at horse expos marked irregular. Good looking jeans and boots are expensive but necessary. If you’re willing to wait a bit or do some searching buying irregulars can be a less expensive way to get the look!

I’ve also just found this website, Denim Express…looks like it has some good deals. I haven’t tried it out yet, though…the reviews seem a bit mixed.


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