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Halloween and Cool Weather

Just a quick one today! I’m in the middle of a busy essay and test week (yuck!). Halloween is this weekend which is probably one of my favorite holidays, especially when it comes Halloween themed fun shows! I haven’t been to one in quite a long time but I hope some of you are getting the chance to dress up both you and your horse.

It’s getting chilly out too, which means time to bring out the winter blankets. Ours have a few rips and tears in them which I’ve attempted to fix using iron in interfacing. I used that for the lining, I’m not sure if that will hold up, but it was in the house so I gave it a try! Also upon the recommendation of the makers, I will be using super glue to patch up a few tears on the outside of the blankets as well. I’m all for free fixes!

As soon as class work settles down a bit, I will be posting my thoughts on barn coats and a new idea I picked up while at Congress about a show jacket! Look forward to that and check back often! Until then Happy Halloween!!!


Saddle Find

Once again, I’ve been checking out saddles on Tack Trader. I have found another great looking, well priced saddle that I would love for somebody to buy me! Or if you’re in the market, I suppose you could buy it too! Anyway, I thought I’d share my find. I love the kind of different basket tooling!

From QH Congress

I’m home from my short trip out to Ohio for Congress. It was a blast. Mom and I went on Sunday and stayed with a friend. Monday was so nice and way less crowded than the weekends; only weekday trips from now on. I purchased only things on my list of things I need. Yay, me!  I knew what prices I was looking for and managed to stay on budget. I think my best buy was a winter blanket from Rods, that was half off! The $40 I saved went to buying Milo and Tango new, very much-needed halters. It was great to get to watch a number of classes and see some great horses in action beyond all the shopping. We got home a bit later than planned last night but even though I was pooped I felt the need to stay up late and watch scary movies…I’m dragging at work today!

It’s fall break now and I’m lucky enough to have only one class to go to this whole week; however I will be prepping for a midterm and some other homework (boo). I just finished my online English class so I’m happy about that but I must say I really wish my other classes were over too! I’m very much done with this semester! For now though, I guess I’ll just keeping working on it!


2010 Congress Freestlye Reining Winner

I’d like to share the link to the YouTube video of  Pickup Chic and Laura Mae Schoeller’s amazing, winning  freestyle reining ride, at the 2010 Quarter Horse Congress. I really wish I could have been there!! Congrats to the winner and be sure to check out the video! Also be sure to read up on the duo’s story by reading the Equine Chronicle article,  Freestyling Fun: A Racehorse and a Beauty Take 2010 Congress Freestyle Reining Honors.
The photo below is from the article.

Just Wondering…

In my searches for money-saving tips, good deals, and random, cool things  I’ve noticed something about what’s offered for equestrians my age (24!).  There aren’t a lot of magazines or websites directed to my age bracket.  Magazine wise, one of the most popular horse publications Horse & Rider,  has a reader base of 76 percent are aged 40 or older. One of the other most popular magazines Young Rider, is aimed at a much younger reader base. So, what are 20 somethings reading? Personally, I’m a dedicated reader of Paint Horse Journal and Equine Chronicle.  The problem with both these publications is that they are primarily ads though they have some great articles and Equine Chronicle can be viewed online for free (actually their whole website is one of my absolute favorites)!

As far as websites go, looking up college oriented or 20-30 age bracket websites usually only brings up schools, how to bring your horse to school, and sometimes collegiate team info. I want more! A magazine/website aimed at my age group would cover these things

  • Financial advice, about boarding in school, affording a horse after just getting married & starting a fam, while looking for a career starting job
  • Fashion, for horse girls on a budget inside the show pen, out at the barn, and other horse-y events
  • IHSA (intercollegiate Hose Show Association) news from around the country and Collegiate 4-H (who knew!?)
  • Training tips (of course!) but ones aimed at people who have to ride between studying and work!
  • Anything DIY from making show clothes to repairing and sprucing up tack
  • Some serious reporting on where to find and get the best products
  • And why not a section on issues important to our age group, whatever they may be at the time…like looking into getting judges cards, starting a business, association rules

That’s what I’m looking to read anyway. What are you looking for in a magazine or do you know of a publication or website that has a lot of these things? Would you want to read something like this?

Back from a Great Weekend

Todd and I spent the weekend in Wisconsin. I went to my first Packers game…at Lambeau. It  was great!!! I enjoyed every minute of it, even waking up at 3:30 am to get there so we could tailgate. After that we headed to Milwaukee enjoyed a tour of the Miller brewery and checked out the old Pabst brewery… and then we drove to Adams-Friendship to see family. It was a blast but I gotta admit, I missed my horses and was pretty pooped when I got home. I’m really hoping in the few day off my mare had an epiphany and turned into the World class pleasure hose I know she can be!

I’ll be heading to Quarter Horse Congress the 17th and 18th. It should be great. I have a list of items I need/want and what they should cost on average. It’s always good going into those big shows knowing what things are worth! Sometimes the prices are jacked up but on occasion you can get a good deal! My tip of the week; if you’re going to Congress this week do your homework and know what you want to spend and how much the items you’re looking for are worth! Good Luck showing, shopping, and dealing with the crowds! Let me know if you’re going to be there too!!!

A Full Refund!

I am ecstatic. While searching my room for things to sell, I came across a pair of shoes I had bought for my sister’s wedding, last year. I never wore them because I chickened out; too high of a heel for me! I didn’t return them though because at some point in the one or two days they were on my bedroom floor out of their box, my sweet, little kitty-cat, Pee Wee, decided to attack them. I found one with a very nice claw mark down the heel and a puncture wound in the toe section. I guess she made her kill. I stowed them away thinking maybe I’d wear them eventually and that I wouldn’t be able to return them; however, when I came across them last week, I decided to try to return them anyway. God bless you, internet shopping. I purchased them at Endless Shoes who offers 365 day returns. I thought the damage might prevent a full refund. It took only a few days for the shoes to ship back (no shipping charges) and the order to be processed…plus…I got a full refund! It was like finding $60.00 (what I paid for the shoes) in the pocket of last year’s coat. I recommend this site to everyone! They also sell a selection of Ariat boots as well as the expensive but kinda cool Old Gringo boots.