A Full Refund!

I am ecstatic. While searching my room for things to sell, I came across a pair of shoes I had bought for my sister’s wedding, last year. I never wore them because I chickened out; too high of a heel for me! I didn’t return them though because at some point in the one or two days they were on my bedroom floor out of their box, my sweet, little kitty-cat, Pee Wee, decided to attack them. I found one with a very nice claw mark down the heel and a puncture wound in the toe section. I guess she made her kill. I stowed them away thinking maybe I’d wear them eventually and that I wouldn’t be able to return them; however, when I came across them last week, I decided to try to return them anyway. God bless you, internet shopping. I purchased them at Endless Shoes who offers 365 day returns. I thought the damage might prevent a full refund. It took only a few days for the shoes to ship back (no shipping charges) and the order to be processed…plus…I got a full refund! It was like finding $60.00 (what I paid for the shoes) in the pocket of last year’s coat. I recommend this site to everyone! They also sell a selection of Ariat boots as well as the expensive but kinda cool Old Gringo boots.


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