Back from a Great Weekend

Todd and I spent the weekend in Wisconsin. I went to my first Packers game…at Lambeau. It  was great!!! I enjoyed every minute of it, even waking up at 3:30 am to get there so we could tailgate. After that we headed to Milwaukee enjoyed a tour of the Miller brewery and checked out the old Pabst brewery… and then we drove to Adams-Friendship to see family. It was a blast but I gotta admit, I missed my horses and was pretty pooped when I got home. I’m really hoping in the few day off my mare had an epiphany and turned into the World class pleasure hose I know she can be!

I’ll be heading to Quarter Horse Congress the 17th and 18th. It should be great. I have a list of items I need/want and what they should cost on average. It’s always good going into those big shows knowing what things are worth! Sometimes the prices are jacked up but on occasion you can get a good deal! My tip of the week; if you’re going to Congress this week do your homework and know what you want to spend and how much the items you’re looking for are worth! Good Luck showing, shopping, and dealing with the crowds! Let me know if you’re going to be there too!!!


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