From QH Congress

I’m home from my short trip out to Ohio for Congress. It was a blast. Mom and I went on Sunday and stayed with a friend. Monday was so nice and way less crowded than the weekends; only weekday trips from now on. I purchased only things on my list of things I need. Yay, me!  I knew what prices I was looking for and managed to stay on budget. I think my best buy was a winter blanket from Rods, that was half off! The $40 I saved went to buying Milo and Tango new, very much-needed halters. It was great to get to watch a number of classes and see some great horses in action beyond all the shopping. We got home a bit later than planned last night but even though I was pooped I felt the need to stay up late and watch scary movies…I’m dragging at work today!

It’s fall break now and I’m lucky enough to have only one class to go to this whole week; however I will be prepping for a midterm and some other homework (boo). I just finished my online English class so I’m happy about that but I must say I really wish my other classes were over too! I’m very much done with this semester! For now though, I guess I’ll just keeping working on it!


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