Halloween and Cool Weather

Just a quick one today! I’m in the middle of a busy essay and test week (yuck!). Halloween is this weekend which is probably one of my favorite holidays, especially when it comes Halloween themed fun shows! I haven’t been to one in quite a long time but I hope some of you are getting the chance to dress up both you and your horse.

It’s getting chilly out too, which means time to bring out the winter blankets. Ours have a few rips and tears in them which I’ve attempted to fix using iron in interfacing. I used that for the lining, I’m not sure if that will hold up, but it was in the house so I gave it a try! Also upon the recommendation of the makers, I will be using super glue to patch up a few tears on the outside of the blankets as well. I’m all for free fixes!

As soon as class work settles down a bit, I will be posting my thoughts on barn coats and a new idea I picked up while at Congress about a show jacket! Look forward to that and check back often! Until then Happy Halloween!!!


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