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The holidays are here! I am a little disappointed my “selling things plan” hasn’t quite worked, not even through eBay. Oh well, I guess I’ll just keep working hard! Pretty soon the rush will be on to buy Christmas Gifts, and I am pretty excited about that! I have a budget and list of what I want to get for my family and friends. I’m also pretty sure my wish list is fairly complete (I’m hoping for the $7,000.00 Silver Mesa saddle); I’ve even included horse treats and wormer, of all the absurd things to ask for, for Christmas. What can I say?

Anyway, Christmas isn’t here yet and Thanksgiving is. As a girl who grew up with horses, I sometimes take for granted how lucky I am to have had them my entire life. However, they are intrinsic to who I am and I am very blessed to have my horses, a family that supports my dreams, and the horsey family I have gathered along the way. Words cannot express how much I love them or how far I would go to always have them in my life. Additionally, I am thankful for finally getting a raise (after 6 years!). And, I suppose, I should state how thankful I am to have Todd. I am VERY thankful for him and every moment we spend together.

So, without rambling on, I am very thankful this year, it’s been a good one, and Thank You! to everyone who has stopped by and read my blog. I look forward to continuing to expand and develop it further!

Happy Thanksgiving!


A Quick Note

I haven’t posted in a bit, mostly because nothing too exciting has been happening. Shows are winding down and it’s getting colder. School is getting closer to the end of the semester (woo hoo)! I thought I’d just drop a quick note and a link to my eBay listing!

Since listing my stuff on Facebook, Tack Trader, and here hasn’t generated much interest, I’ve decided to sell some things on eBay…Christmas money!


An Important Thing About Christmas Lists

It is November which means time to create and distribute my Christmas list. This year my family is relying pretty heavily on Amazon’s “Wish List” tool. It is a wonderful, wonderful thing. I’ve been using it to find random and interesting stuff plus adding on any and almost everything horsey that I’d like to see under the Christmas tree (or in the barn, or trailer for that matter)! The list easy to share with family and friends by emailing the link or they can just search for your email address or name to find your list. Using the “Universal Wish List” button you can add items you want from just about any site. The two sites I’m the most excited about are Dream Horse and Tack Trader! It makes it easy to share with your family what show saddle or new horse you might like to have!

I’m not saying using “Wish List” is going to get you a new saddle, truck, trailer, or horse but hey, you never know! And it doesn’t hurt to share just in case somebody wants to get you are really big present!

Barn Coat Savings

I’m pretty sure I’ve worn out my current barn coat. It’s been a good coat but the zipper is difficult and to be honest…the coat has gotten a bit too tight. So, after many wonderful years I am retiring it. I spent a good deal of Congress looking at Carhartt and Ariat coats, finding plenty I liked, except the price. The best deal I could find was around $80.00, which is pretty good but I have 2 extra classes to pay for next semester. Solution? I found a barn coat at a not so horsey store. This month, Old Navy is having a sale on their coats, up to 50% off. Now, Old Navy isn’t known for horse clothes but honestly, I know I’m going to beat up my barn clothes, so I don’t mind and their clothes are simple and reasonable. My new purchase, is their Frost Free Fleece Lined Jacket. I got it a little roomy to layer underneath it. The best part is the price tag $30.00! They also offer a number of other jackets and vests that would be great for the barn along with long-sleeved shirts and hoodies for layering. Just because a it’s not a tack store or equine apparel shop, doesn’t mean you cant find a good horsey item!

Color Breed Congress

The previously named Pinto Horse Congress, now Color Breed Congress, will be taking place in Tulsa, Oklahoma this week. Watch it live at Horse Show Webcasts for free! The show kicks off on Wednesday with halter classes! The two following days will hold the english and western classes. If you can’t make it to the show why not watch it? This is the first year Pinto has teamed up with the Buckskin and Palomino associations to create this diverse color breed show!

I hope everybody has a great week! Can you believe it’s already November!?