Barn Coat Savings

I’m pretty sure I’ve worn out my current barn coat. It’s been a good coat but the zipper is difficult and to be honest…the coat has gotten a bit too tight. So, after many wonderful years I am retiring it. I spent a good deal of Congress looking at Carhartt and Ariat coats, finding plenty I liked, except the price. The best deal I could find was around $80.00, which is pretty good but I have 2 extra classes to pay for next semester. Solution? I found a barn coat at a not so horsey store. This month, Old Navy is having a sale on their coats, up to 50% off. Now, Old Navy isn’t known for horse clothes but honestly, I know I’m going to beat up my barn clothes, so I don’t mind and their clothes are simple and reasonable. My new purchase, is their Frost Free Fleece Lined Jacket. I got it a little roomy to layer underneath it. The best part is the price tag $30.00! They also offer a number of other jackets and vests that would be great for the barn along with long-sleeved shirts and hoodies for layering. Just because a it’s not a tack store or equine apparel shop, doesn’t mean you cant find a good horsey item!


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