An Important Thing About Christmas Lists

It is November which means time to create and distribute my Christmas list. This year my family is relying pretty heavily on Amazon’s “Wish List” tool. It is a wonderful, wonderful thing. I’ve been using it to find random and interesting stuff plus adding on any and almost everything horsey that I’d like to see under the Christmas tree (or in the barn, or trailer for that matter)! The list easy to share with family and friends by emailing the link or they can just search for your email address or name to find your list. Using the “Universal Wish List” button you can add items you want from just about any site. The two sites I’m the most excited about are Dream Horse and Tack Trader! It makes it easy to share with your family what show saddle or new horse you might like to have!

I’m not saying using “Wish List” is going to get you a new saddle, truck, trailer, or horse but hey, you never know! And it doesn’t hurt to share just in case somebody wants to get you are really big present!


3 responses to “An Important Thing About Christmas Lists

  1. I’ll get you your entire list if you get me my entire list!

  2. BTW…my list now includes a boat. FTW!!!!

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