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*Christmas Stockings for My Horses!*

As promised, I am finally putting up pictures of the cute and wonderful stockings; that have survived the barn all of December! This project was under $15.00 and is a great way to add some Christmas cheer to the barn! I bought plainĀ felt stockings, glitter paint, and a box of red jingle bells. At home, I used a green magic marker to write my horses’ names on each stocking (I was too scared to go straight for the paint as I am terrible at writing in glitter paint). Then I cut little holes just below the white part and thread jingle bells and green ribbon I already had through the holes. I finished the stockings by using green glitter paint over their names and silver glitter paint for little snowflakes on the white part! I used baling twine to tie them to the stalls! I love sharing the holidays with my horses and they love the treats they get for Christmas!

Tomorrow, Mom and I embark on our trip to Omaha for Christmas. We are hoping for good weather! I am wishing everybody a very Merry Christmas!!!

Busy, Busy

So, I haven’t posted for a while, mainly because I haven’t had a lot of time. I have just a couple of essays to finish up for this semester and I finally finished Christmas shopping! Mom and I leave, next week, for Omaha and I still have a ton of cookies to make this weekend! It’s been bitterly cold and off and on snowy making it hard to ride…though I did brave the snow storm one Saturday! I’ve been meaning to put up a post about the awesome little stockings I made for the horses, complete with jingle bells, but I keep forgetting to get the pictures off my camera! Soon though…maybe tonight! I hope everybody’s semester has or is going to end well and you’re all staying warm!

Keeping Warm in the Barn

It’s snowing! Yay! It’s so pretty but really cold outside today. Staying warm during winter rides can be tough! I’ve already mentioned how to save on a winter barn coat but other layers are sometimes needed! I’ve been looking around at not so horsey places again to find things cheap but useful! Shopping at two stores, Forever 21 and Old Navy, I’ve found a few great ideas for warmth (these could make great gifts for your horse friends and family too)!

Forever 21:

Old Navy:

Performance Fleece Pullover $10.00