*Christmas Stockings for My Horses!*

As promised, I am finally putting up pictures of the cute and wonderful stockings; that have survived the barn all of December! This project was under $15.00 and is a great way to add some Christmas cheer to the barn! I bought plain felt stockings, glitter paint, and a box of red jingle bells. At home, I used a green magic marker to write my horses’ names on each stocking (I was too scared to go straight for the paint as I am terrible at writing in glitter paint). Then I cut little holes just below the white part and thread jingle bells and green ribbon I already had through the holes. I finished the stockings by using green glitter paint over their names and silver glitter paint for little snowflakes on the white part! I used baling twine to tie them to the stalls! I love sharing the holidays with my horses and they love the treats they get for Christmas!

Tomorrow, Mom and I embark on our trip to Omaha for Christmas. We are hoping for good weather! I am wishing everybody a very Merry Christmas!!!


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