Cold Weather, New Semester and Other Shenanigans

Apparently the high was 19 on Saturday. I didn’t bother checking the weather; I knew it was cold. So, I layered on a couple of pairs of thermals and socks…and headed to the barn! For some reason, no matter what I do, my feet always get cold along with my cheeks and nose. I’m considering putting hand warming packets in my boots and purchasing the ridiculous (but kind of awesome) beard head. I wonder if the horses would recognize me if I showed up wearing one of the those?  The moustache is pretty great but I don’t think it would keep my cheeks warm. Who knows?

Hmmmm? Could I really bring myself to wear one of these to the barn?

Anyway, I must have been working hard because I stayed at the barn for a good few hours and never seemed to freeze!

Beyond my “beard head” rambling, the spring semester has started. It should be an interesting one! All my classes are online and I am already having issues getting things in order. I did learn something new though, Amazon (I know I have strange addiction to it) has a ‘student account’ you can sign up for free which offers free 2nd day

shipping and other promotions. I’m taking advantage of that!

I wish everybody good luck this semester and stop by whenever you are trying to avoid doing homework , maybe I’ll find some cool things to put up while I’m avoiding homework myself!


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