Horse Fairs Coming Up!

Well, Spring is still a ways away but that doesn’t mean I can’t start planning for spring shows and horse fairs! Many states have their own fairs through March and April and Indiana is no exception. The Hoosier Horse Fair is April 1-3 in Indianapolis. Last year it fell on the same weekend as Equine Affaire Ohio, which I decided to go to instead. This year Equine Affaire Ohio is April 7-10! I am not sure if I will attend HHF but I will definitely be at Equine Affaire! Last year I had a great time and came up with a lot of great ideas!

Horse Fairs are great place…

  • to bargain hunt, try things on, or just check out quality. Sometimes there are good deals other times not so much! I always go with a list of what I want or need and  average prices!
  • are also a great place to check out schools with Equine concentrations if you are looking for one or maybe want to change your academic focus.
  • to meet members of local and state horse clubs! Some offer membership discounts at fairs as well. If you’re looking to start showing in some different places or try breed show for the first time. This is a great way to make connections!

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