The Days That Make Me Wonder

It’s currently 8 degrees out and flurry-ing. I am excited about this because about 20 minutes ago it was 7 degrees out. You see, I go ride every Saturday morning rain, snow, sunshine, and heat…but I hate cold. If it’s above freezing, I don’t wear thermals; the 2o’s, one pair of thermals; the teens two pairs. I do not have protocol for 8 degrees. I’m considering taking a thermos full of hot coffee. Or maybe I just won’t go at all. The horses can wait to be worked for one more day. But, my friends, the question is, can I wait one more day, after 2 already, to go ride? My fingers, toes, cheeks, and that part of my legs that gets cold no matter what, all say, yes!

These are the days that make me wonder if non-horse-people are right. Horse-people are crazy.

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