Monthly Archives: February 2011

Something Strange…

Maybe I’m just having a responsible streak run through me at the moment or maybe I’m just excited for spring break, either way, I have everything for school, save one quiz, done already. It’s only 1.30 on Monday. How can this be?! I’m not sure and I’m surely not going to complain about it.

Last week, for some reason was mostly miserable. Not Wednesday though, I spent the morning at the barn with my farrier, chatting while the horses got their feet done. I have to say there are few things more reassuring when it comes to horses than a great farrier!  I once again returned to Lafayette to take a math test. I also made sure to have a couple of ‘good-luck’ beers before the test (which I did great on!) and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the bar with Todd, enjoying the day. The miserable part was not being able to get to the barn most of the week and the general bummed-out feeling that sometimes gets me when I’m trying to save pennies to take care the basic necessities of horse ownership. Nevermind the desire to save for better and more exciting horse-y things.

A good ride always cures those blues though. Sometimes I just have to remind myself to be grateful for the things I have and do get to do with my horses even if I haven’t yet reached the goals I’ve set. Those reminders usually coincide with a decent ride and a long afternoon at the barn.

I was also very relieved to finally get the truck going again, thanks to Todd’s Dad and the 8 billion trips or so he made to get tools and parts and stuff in general. The ordeal to get it going was a long, strange one drug out mostly by crappy weather and missing tools.  It was great to drive it around yesterday, and it feels even better not to be stuck driving mom’s car if and when she’s not needing it!

Money Saving Tip of the Day

If you’re looking for a way to add some color to a simple show outfit, a bright saddle pad could be the answer. Whether you are wearing a plain white shirt and jeans and want to have fun or looking for a way to bring out your favorite color in your show jacket, there are a lot of options. Mayatex has been making affordable and diverse show blankets for years and they retail from around $30.00 and up. They have a wide variety of solid color blankets in the “San Juan” collection. You can buy them through a number of stores, have them custom made, or my favorite; get them cheap on eBay( this link will take you directly to Mayatex blankets on eBay)! It can cut the cost of one saddle pad in half! I have at least half a dozen different blankets I’ve accumulated over the years and I love to show in my favorite white show shirt and change the colors often!

It’s Going to be One of Those Weeks

I can tell, it’s just going to be one of those awful weeks that just drag on forever. Thank God the weather is nice this week. I don’t have much to say, for now!  Any money-saving projects and finds are on hold for the moment as I try to earn some money rather than just save it!

Original, Horse Art on a College Budget?

Why not?! I’ve been hanging around the lab waiting for the Chemical Waste Pick-Up guy to get here and looking at eBay, of course. I’m considering re-decorating my room; by redecorating, I mean finally doing something with it. I love original art but it’s hard to find at a reasonable price. I have found two ways to get great “horsey” art on eBay. My favorite eBay artist is Debbie Criswell who paints folk-art with plenty of horses as subjects. I routinely try to get some of her art for as little as I can. It’s very affordable but I’m looking for even cheaper. My solution? I started looking into Art Cards listed as “ACEO” on eBay. They are mini paintings with the size of a trading card and most can be bought under $10.00. I love it. Get one or get a bunch; either way it’s inexpensive. I’ve searched eBay for ACEO Horse Paintings and found many that would be sweet at home, in the horse trailer or even the tack room (if you care to decorate those spaces)! They range in realistic, impressionist, folk art, to just kinda wacky.

It’s a Good Day

The jacket I am gluing crystals to at the moment. A sparkly 'after' picture will come soon!

I think something strange is happening…I did all of this week’s math homework, this morning, and it went quick and painlessly. WEIRD! I’m feeling positive about this week! The Packers won the Super Bowl!!! I had to share a little excitement.

Now, on to business. I was trapped in the house for a number of days but had ample time to glue on crystals to my plain show jacket (plain as in little sparkle…it has a ton of pattern though)! It’s surprisingly therapeutic, except when a crystal refuses to stick or I spill them all over the place. I think the key to putting crystals on yourself is having a jacket that already has somewhat of a pattern. It makes you much less likely to end up with a weird pattern plus you’ll know what color crystals to pick! If you  do have a plain jacket, just make sure to plan out where you want to glue things!

Snow Day!

I figured since I’m stuck at home I will work on some things…ugh. So far, I have realized, why I never finished that pair of chaps I was making (I can’t get the fringe right, which really frustrates me), couldn’t get the ‘new’ couch in from the garage or anywhere near the upstairs room it is destined for, and I’m stuck inside so I can’t get to the store to buy my jacket’s new zipper and crystals. Thankfully, I had nachos and champagne. That really made the day a lot better!

I also came up with some interesting ideas…If you have any old horse show photos and wouldn’t mind sharing them with me for a future blog post that would be great! I’m looking for pictures from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s in particular! You can email me at, even if they are just a decent picture of a picture!!!