It’s a Good Day

The jacket I am gluing crystals to at the moment. A sparkly 'after' picture will come soon!

I think something strange is happening…I did all of this week’s math homework, this morning, and it went quick and painlessly. WEIRD! I’m feeling positive about this week! The Packers won the Super Bowl!!! I had to share a little excitement.

Now, on to business. I was trapped in the house for a number of days but had ample time to glue on crystals to my plain show jacket (plain as in little sparkle…it has a ton of pattern though)! It’s surprisingly therapeutic, except when a crystal refuses to stick or I spill them all over the place. I think the key to putting crystals on yourself is having a jacket that already has somewhat of a pattern. It makes you much less likely to end up with a weird pattern plus you’ll know what color crystals to pick! If you  do have a plain jacket, just make sure to plan out where you want to glue things!

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