Original, Horse Art on a College Budget?

Why not?! I’ve been hanging around the lab waiting for the Chemical Waste Pick-Up guy to get here and looking at eBay, of course. I’m considering re-decorating my room; by redecorating, I mean finally doing something with it. I love original art but it’s hard to find at a reasonable price. I have found two ways to get great “horsey” art on eBay. My favorite eBay artist is Debbie Criswell who paints folk-art with plenty of horses as subjects. I routinely try to get some of her art for as little as I can. It’s very affordable but I’m looking for even cheaper. My solution? I started looking into Art Cards listed as “ACEO” on eBay. They are mini paintings with the size of a trading card and most can be bought under $10.00. I love it. Get one or get a bunch; either way it’s inexpensive. I’ve searched eBay for ACEO Horse Paintings and found many that would be sweet at home, in the horse trailer or even the tack room (if you care to decorate those spaces)! They range in realistic, impressionist, folk art, to just kinda wacky.


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