Money Saving Tip of the Day

If you’re looking for a way to add some color to a simple show outfit, a bright saddle pad could be the answer. Whether you are wearing a plain white shirt and jeans and want to have fun or looking for a way to bring out your favorite color in your show jacket, there are a lot of options. Mayatex has been making affordable and diverse show blankets for years and they retail from around $30.00 and up. They have a wide variety of solid color blankets in the “San Juan” collection. You can buy them through a number of stores, have them custom made, or my favorite; get them cheap on eBay( this link will take you directly to Mayatex blankets on eBay)! It can cut the cost of one saddle pad in half! I have at least half a dozen different blankets I’ve accumulated over the years and I love to show in my favorite white show shirt and change the colors often!


3 responses to “Money Saving Tip of the Day

  1. Are these pretty thick? Do you just use this then the saddle?

  2. Hi
    Are these thick pads where all I need is this then my saddle?

    • Sorry it’s taken so long to answer! I’m on vacation this week and haven’t been by a computer. You will need a thick saddle pad or a felt saddle pad liner underneath these. They aren’t thick and don’t offer any support for the horse. I just use my work saddle pad underneath

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