Something Strange…

Maybe I’m just having a responsible streak run through me at the moment or maybe I’m just excited for spring break, either way, I have everything for school, save one quiz, done already. It’s only 1.30 on Monday. How can this be?! I’m not sure and I’m surely not going to complain about it.

Last week, for some reason was mostly miserable. Not Wednesday though, I spent the morning at the barn with my farrier, chatting while the horses got their feet done. I have to say there are few things more reassuring when it comes to horses than a great farrier!  I once again returned to Lafayette to take a math test. I also made sure to have a couple of ‘good-luck’ beers before the test (which I did great on!) and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the bar with Todd, enjoying the day. The miserable part was not being able to get to the barn most of the week and the general bummed-out feeling that sometimes gets me when I’m trying to save pennies to take care the basic necessities of horse ownership. Nevermind the desire to save for better and more exciting horse-y things.

A good ride always cures those blues though. Sometimes I just have to remind myself to be grateful for the things I have and do get to do with my horses even if I haven’t yet reached the goals I’ve set. Those reminders usually coincide with a decent ride and a long afternoon at the barn.

I was also very relieved to finally get the truck going again, thanks to Todd’s Dad and the 8 billion trips or so he made to get tools and parts and stuff in general. The ordeal to get it going was a long, strange one drug out mostly by crappy weather and missing tools.  It was great to drive it around yesterday, and it feels even better not to be stuck driving mom’s car if and when she’s not needing it!

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