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This Week

It’s only Wednesday, but boy has it been a long week. Monday, I got new glasses…taking advantage of Lens Crafters 50% of lens sale. I needed them, badly and since it usually costs a ridiculous amount to get my glasses, I jumped at the chance.

Tuesday, the vet came out for spring shots, I think. I wasn’t there. Nope, I was busy studying, studying, studying for a math test I was destined to fail. And I did. Not by a lot though and hopefully with a curve it will bring the grade up to something acceptable.

I needed a few consolation drinks after.

Now, here I sit at the Lafayette campus waiting for Todd to ace his exam so we can head back home.

I don’t have much to say except this week I’ve been doing some mad saving on non-horsey things like, glasses, Skechers “Tone-Ups” (it’s my attempt to do something about getting into shape…ha) and underwear. I’ll spare details but I got the Skechers for $40 + free shipping by buying a ‘discontinued’ or older color combo and being an Amazon Prime member. The underwear I saved about $20 through various coupons and a store-wide sale…because you wanted to know.

Anyway, though I saved a lot this week, I am now broke and will be patiently waiting for 2 weeks until my next pay check. woot.

The verdict is out on whether or not I will make it Equine Affaire Ohio now. Here’s hoping I can find some cash and make it there!


Lisa Nelle-Western Pleasure Jacket


Lisa Nelle-Western Pleasure Jacket Horsemanship – L – eBay (item 330546270304 end time Apr-23-11 13:25:54 PDT).

Lisa Nelle makes such lovely, sparkly show jackets! I wish I could afford them. Since I cant, I look for jackets with similar patterns or cuts and add my own sparkly!

* SQ Designs* Showmanship Jacket



* SQ Designs*/Showmanship Shirt/Pleasure Jacket/ShowTop – eBay (item 220759701670 end time Mar-31-11 11:47:45 PDT).

I love this jacket! The color combo  and the flowers just on part of it. Too bad it won’t fit me!

Spring Fun, Broken Doors, and the Fear of Spending Money

I have really, really been enjoying the last couple of warm days. Monday, I finally go to ride outside and it was glorious! The horses, especially Milo who wouldn’t stop running for a good 20 minutes, loved being outside. Yesterday, Todd and I went for lunch at one of our favorite spots and sat outside, then I felt it was definitely necessary to go for a jog when I got home. Oh jeez, when will I ever not die while attempting to run? Someday…and someday my show pants will fit again!

This morning we were greeted with the office door being jammed. Jammed as in it took five guys about an hour to finally get it open. It’s now sitting ajar without a lock or handle, slightly beaten up. Did it really keep me from doing my work? No. Did it give me enough of an excuse to meander around the lab and not do any work? Yes. It also gave me time to order a pair of chap inserts…finally.

The mangled door...

Facing the facts is hard, especially when the facts are a: I am not going to lose weight as fast as I imagine I could (I just don’t have the drive, motivation, or will power) b: I have to come up with a solution to be able to squeeze into my show clothes. My solution for chaps, is the chap inserts, which I bought today. They cost $57.00 with shipping, not bad considering the alternative of getting new chaps. However, I haven’t spent that much money outside of horse bills in a long time. It really freaked me out. I’ve become so driven to save money for showing and riding…and well just keeping my horses, I’ve forgotten that it is OK and in fact normal to spend money on occasion. Oh and I also have a job so I can earn back what I just spent. The fear of spending is fun-crippling and ridiculous in someways and good in others. I know I can save but now that I’ve bought one thing, I want to buy so much more!

Hobby Horse Elements? A Money Saver Not on the Website

Unless, it’s hidden in plain sight and I’ve just somehow missed it, Hobby Horse offers more DIY show clothes than just pants and chaps. They have for a while now offered their chap and pant fabric on their website for those with sewing talent.

Today, though, I received the 2011 Hobby Horse catalogue and was excited to see they offer the “Janie Tunic Top” in all the same base colors as the chaps. It’s a plain tunic top made just for you to customize! I gave up long ago on sewing my own and have been searching for a plain pre-made top. Well, here it is. They cost $99.oo and so far, I’ve only seen them in the catalogue (request one here).

View Online Catalogue

Snap shot from 2011 Hobby Horse catalogue


Back to Work and Other Things

I can’t believe how nice the weather has been the last few days!  I had a very enjoyable St. Patty’s day and a fairly decent weekend (mostly spent doing homework, bleh).

The most exciting part of the weekend for me was getting an email from a tack store owner in Switzerland about my blog! Their tack store is The Vaquero Shop. I had no idea somebody half way around the world had seen it. It really made me feel good.

Friday was pretty exciting for me also because I got my tax refund! The first and so far the only thing I’ve really bought, was hundreds of crystals from Jewelry Supply to finish up my red and teal show jackets.

Green Cake and What I Plan to Title My Memoir

This is a non-horsey post.

Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays, for various reasons.  St. Patty’s Day. Here are some of the reasons: I like food; I like beer; I like green; I have Irish in there somewhere just like almost every other American. I feel a little better about indulging in the commercialism of the holiday because I took a British History class and learned about St. Patrick. But do I really care? No, it’s a holiday where you can drink as much beer and whiskey as you like without being shamed as being inappropriately drunk.

That being said…never mix spicy chicken wraps and however many car-bombs I drank last year.

On to Green Cake!

What is this holiday be without my traditional turn-your-insides-green-with-as-many-sprinkles-on-top-as-possible-cake? I’ve been making it for quite a few years and it’s a tradition that’s become my favorite. It started with my dear friends Steph and Meredith sometime around our senior year of high school and has lived on since even after the horrible year Steph suggested we add mint (it was awful).

How green is it? You know the large bottle of green food coloring you have to buy alone in a box. Add one full bottle, subtract a little of the water added to the cake mix…and there you have it. Additionally, if there is ever little bottles in the house, they go in too.

How many sprinkles? Well, after it’s been topped with hot-fudge frosting, I put enough sprinkles on it that when you eat it, it’s crunchy.

On to the next…The future title of my memoir.

I’ve been looking for the last three days for a specific picture of  me showing at county fair when I was younger. I have not found it but I have found an alarming number of pictures of me with friends smiling, with our index fingers tapping at our teeth. The “soft teeth” pictures; an odd way to prove that on occasion my friends and I drink too much. “Soft Teeth,” I think, would suit the title of a memoir I don’t plan to write!

St. Patty's Day 2010...Car-Bombs Away!

Anyway, thank you for reading my ramblings and I wish everybody a wonderful St. Patty’s Day!