Green Cake and What I Plan to Title My Memoir

This is a non-horsey post.

Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays, for various reasons.  St. Patty’s Day. Here are some of the reasons: I like food; I like beer; I like green; I have Irish in there somewhere just like almost every other American. I feel a little better about indulging in the commercialism of the holiday because I took a British History class and learned about St. Patrick. But do I really care? No, it’s a holiday where you can drink as much beer and whiskey as you like without being shamed as being inappropriately drunk.

That being said…never mix spicy chicken wraps and however many car-bombs I drank last year.

On to Green Cake!

What is this holiday be without my traditional turn-your-insides-green-with-as-many-sprinkles-on-top-as-possible-cake? I’ve been making it for quite a few years and it’s a tradition that’s become my favorite. It started with my dear friends Steph and Meredith sometime around our senior year of high school and has lived on since even after the horrible year Steph suggested we add mint (it was awful).

How green is it? You know the large bottle of green food coloring you have to buy alone in a box. Add one full bottle, subtract a little of the water added to the cake mix…and there you have it. Additionally, if there is ever little bottles in the house, they go in too.

How many sprinkles? Well, after it’s been topped with hot-fudge frosting, I put enough sprinkles on it that when you eat it, it’s crunchy.

On to the next…The future title of my memoir.

I’ve been looking for the last three days for a specific picture of  me showing at county fair when I was younger. I have not found it but I have found an alarming number of pictures of me with friends smiling, with our index fingers tapping at our teeth. The “soft teeth” pictures; an odd way to prove that on occasion my friends and I drink too much. “Soft Teeth,” I think, would suit the title of a memoir I don’t plan to write!

St. Patty's Day 2010...Car-Bombs Away!

Anyway, thank you for reading my ramblings and I wish everybody a wonderful St. Patty’s Day!


3 responses to “Green Cake and What I Plan to Title My Memoir

  1. Yeah what’s up with all of the soft teeth stuff? where did that come from?

  2. It came from a movie…barefoot in the park. I don’t know why it became a thing though.

  3. i remember the day that soft teeth started… it was at your dads old apt on 156th and center… ha hahaha

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