This Week

It’s only Wednesday, but boy has it been a long week. Monday, I got new glasses…taking advantage of Lens Crafters 50% of lens sale. I needed them, badly and since it usually costs a ridiculous amount to get my glasses, I jumped at the chance.

Tuesday, the vet came out for spring shots, I think. I wasn’t there. Nope, I was busy studying, studying, studying for a math test I was destined to fail. And I did. Not by a lot though and hopefully with a curve it will bring the grade up to something acceptable.

I needed a few consolation drinks after.

Now, here I sit at the Lafayette campus waiting for Todd to ace his exam so we can head back home.

I don’t have much to say except this week I’ve been doing some mad saving on non-horsey things like, glasses, Skechers “Tone-Ups” (it’s my attempt to do something about getting into shape…ha) and underwear. I’ll spare details but I got the Skechers for $40 + free shipping by buying a ‘discontinued’ or older color combo and being an Amazon Prime member. The underwear I saved about $20 through various coupons and a store-wide sale…because you wanted to know.

Anyway, though I saved a lot this week, I am now broke and will be patiently waiting for 2 weeks until my next pay check. woot.

The verdict is out on whether or not I will make it Equine Affaire Ohio now. Here’s hoping I can find some cash and make it there!


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