Fly Season is on the Way!

It’s getting warmer, I think. That means the bugs are going to start coming out! yuck! Many people have their own preference for fly sprays but most I know use, Pyranha. I love it. It works and to be honest…I love the smell. It reminds me of summer days spent in the barn or at a show. I’ve been doing some checking around to find any offers on it and who has the best price. Once again, I’m turning to Valley Vet! They have the best price at $10.79 for the aerosol. There is a handling fee but compared to other places it is still cheaper! Plus they get cheaper the more you buy!

I will be checking around at some chain tack/farm places soon to see who has the best price without having to pay shipping!

Pyranha Aerosol Insecticide Pyranha, Inc (Equine – Fly Control – Fly Sprays, Wipes Conditioners).

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