Long Mane or Short Mane?

With show season rapidly approaching, I’m beginning to get wonder what I’m going to do with Tango’s mane. It’s long and lovely and I really want to keep it that way. She looks so cute with it! On the other hand, I grew up with a horse family that really liked polish and nothing looks nicer than a neatly banded, evenly cut mane. It shows some skill, polish, and that your horse has a really pretty neck. I’m torn. Last year, I showed Tango in halter and a pleasure class with a long mane. It was neatly banded as it would have been short, it looked nice, and really didn’t take any longer. This year, we are going to attempt showmanship and HUS which I don’t think a is appropriate for long manes. Or is it, at least for open shows? I suppose I have up until the night before a show to decide, but then that’s it. Good Bye Mane, see you maybe! I hate that awkward stage between short mane and long mane…just like I hate that stage growing out my own hair.

long bands...three days after the show.




2 responses to “Long Mane or Short Mane?

  1. I must admit…I love a long mane!!! I think it is totally ok for the western pleasure. But, I am old school and for the showmanship and hunter under saddle, I really think a short mane is appropriate! I think the western pleasure is a little more of a progressive, anything goes kind of class, but the hunter under saddle is so classic that the clothes have barely even changed.
    I think for the showmanship, you just won’t have the super clean crisp showmanship “look” with the long mane. Just my 2 cents…I do however think that for an open show, anything goes! Have fun with it…you just might be a trend setter!

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