Occasionally, my motivation to get out to the barn dwindles. It usually depends on money, weather, and goals. Recently the cost of truck repairs and the insane cost of fuel has put a damper on my drive to ride because I know I won’t be affording the shows I’d like to get to or the training that would really help my horse and I.

Where can motivation be found? Having somebody to ride, commiserate,  and share ideas with helps; sunny days and a dry arena too. But I still want that drive to reach goals within the association I’m a member of…even if I can’t afford to get to a lot of shows. Hello “Open Enrollment Programs” and motivation. You can clock hours with all the major associations  for points and award. There are also programs which allow you to earn “open competition” points as well. For small enrollment fees you can join the programs, and either spend a little at open shows or rack up hours just riding around the farm!

I love it so much I’ve dedicated an entire section of my blog to the programs, after you’ve enrolled there’s really only one thing to do!

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