lori55744 DK BLUE LEATHER show jacket

lori55744 DK BLUE LEATHER show rail jacket shirt 36-40+ | eBay.

Another great show jacket by Lori! I just thought I’d share it! I’d also like to share why I won’t be bidding on it (no, not because I have so many already!). Since I have so many shirts and jackets made by her and a pile of fabric I would destroy if I attempt to make something similar, I thought I’d ask her to make me one! I emailed her last week to see if she does custom work and she does!!! As soon as I remember to grab the measuring tape and get everything sent off, I’ll finally have the jacket I want on the way! I can’t wait!


2 responses to “lori55744 DK BLUE LEATHER show jacket

  1. I also found on 6pm.com discounted name brand boots like Arait, Justins, Tony Lama ….ect. I got a pair marked down last week from $275 to $60! I know you mentioned something about Extreme Couponing show….i do it as a part of everyday life. Its so hard to find horse deals. I have found this, if you know an expo or swap meet is coming up go on the last day. The vendors like to dump some of there stuff at discounted prices. They are also a bit more willing to haggle prices with you. As far as coupons go, I feed Nutrena Safe Choice & they put coupons on thier Facebook all the time. Also if you know/see your feed company at an expo stop by the booth. More than likely they may have coupons. I went to the Hoosier Horse Fair and Nutrena gave me a $5 coupon! Well hope my tips help a little bit.

  2. Thats great! Thanks for the tips! Checking out facebook pages and brand websites usually does have some good coupons!

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