Work and the End of the Semester

School is starting to wind down for this semester, thankfully, and I’m attempting put in some good hours at work. I’m hoping to pay off the truck repairs and save up a bit so that I might get to few breed shows by the end of the summer!

Until then, I will probably be trying to get to a few close, open shows. That is of course, if I can work out what has happened to Tango’s right lead. Ugh. And I’m still waiting for it to dry up so I can ride outside!!!

Until then, I’ll be working away! I’ve shared that I’m a lab tech but I thought I’d share some insight into how I spend my days. Most of the time I’m busy doing specimen preparation and making solutions. Right now we don’t have any incoming projects to process, so I’m back at what I started out doing 7 years ago…filing grids. They are evil, little bitty, static-y things that I have to transfer from petri dishes to slotted boxes and record their info on spread sheet. It’s not necessarily a difficult job but tedious, and detailed. I’ve posted a pic below of the stuff. Those little tiny dots are the grids which have to be transferred into the slots of the box at the right. I threw a measuring tape in there so you could see just how small they are! Fortunately, I can sit by my computer and listen to music while I file them…I have hundreds and hundreds to put away! YUCK!


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